Fast Cash Loans Through Business "Wallets": What You Need To Know

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If you have looked everywhere, shopped around and simply cannot find any fast cash loans that have agreeable repayment terms, maybe you will want to look at loans through business "wallets." Various e-payment companies now have "wallets," applications that allow you to store your credit and debit card information, receive and send payments through qualified and verified accounts and even borrow money. There are a couple of catches, however, and here is what you need to know before you go through the application process.

23 May 2016

Workers Compensation For Temporary, Contracted, And Seasonal Employees

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Workers compensation is intended to protect an employee against the financial consequences of an injury while on the job. But workers compensation doesn't necessarily cover all employees. Workers compensation is highly state-dependent, and those who are temporary, contracted, or seasonal may find themselves vulnerable in the event of an accident or injury.  Temporary and Seasonal Employees Are Treated the Same For business owners, temporary employees are usually employees hired on a per-project basis, whereas seasonal employees are employees hired for a specific seasonal purpose, such as the holidays.

20 May 2016