Best Capital-Raising Practices For Emerging Managers

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Capital raising is an intense and competitive process, but those who persevere can ultimately secure the funding they need to launch and grow their capital. Below are some helpful tips for emerging managers seeking to raise capital:  Go All Out Emerging managers seeking to raise funds face a daunting challenge. In order to be successful, they must undertake a tremendous amount of outreach, meeting with potential investors and pitching their fund.

28 September 2022

3 Roles Of Certified Public Accountants In Your Small Business

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A common misconception is that certified public accountants are only meant for big corporations. Yet the services offered are just as important for your small business. Many certified public accountant firms offer consultancy services. So you may not need to hire a CPA employee part-time or full-time. Instead, consult one to get professional guidance in the situations discussed below. Before you set up your business When you launch your small business, you may find it hard to spend money on a certified public accountant.

24 May 2022

Looking for a Gold Buyer? 3 Selling Tips You Should Have In Mind

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Gold has always been a highly valuable commodity throughout the history of transactions. The most impressive thing about this metal is that it never loses its value despite political and economic factors. Today, investors have no better way to hedge around inflation than investing in a little of this precious metal. It is possible to buy and hold gold in many forms, with the most common ones being the coins and bullions stored in the bank.

23 February 2022