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Four Things You Should Know About Taking Out Multiple Payday Loans

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If you've had a significant financial shortfall, you might be tempted to take out multiple payday loans. Most payday loans are in the sub-$500 category; if you have more debt than this, you might consider getting multiple loans. But there are a few things that you might want to consider first.

1. Local Lenders Communicate With Each Other

Most local payday lenders do communicate with each other to ensure that an individual isn't taking out multiple loans at once. If you're going to a payday loan company that is a franchise, they will almost certainly not lend you multiple amounts from different offices. Lenders are aware that having out multiple loans decreases the chance that you will pay back any individual loan. In order to get multiple loans, you may need to look online.

2. Payday Loans Must Be Paid Back Fast

A payday loan is usually paid back within weeks. Your loans are very likely to become due at the same time... which could leave you in the same bind two to four weeks later. If you're in a situation where you need multiple payday loans, you will strongly need to consider whether or not you can pay them back in the future. 

3. Online Payday Loans Are the Fastest Way to Compare Quotes

Online payday loans let you compare quotes with multiple lenders quickly... and also let you apply for many loans quickly. If you're looking to take out loans fast, a third-party payday loan search may be the fastest solution.

4. Payday Loans Have Origination Fees

Just like any other loan, a payday loan both has an interest fee and a loan origination fee. Because of the loan origination fees, it is more expensive to get multiple payday loans rather than a single, higher value loan. You should consider these origination fees when you're considering whether or not it is advantageous to take out these multiple loans. It may actually be better to prioritize only your most important bills and take out a single loan at a time. 

For loans that are above $500, you may be better off trying to find a lender that will extend you the full amount. This can often be done with a cash title loan or some other loan that is secured through equity. Otherwise, you can attempt to take out multiple loans... but you should thoroughly consider the above risks.

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28 February 2017