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How To Bail Someone Out Of Jail If You Have No Money

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Receiving a call from a close friend stating that he or she is in jail and needs you to bail him or her out can be overwhelming, especially if you've never done this before. To bail someone out of jail, you will need money, and you might need a bail bondsman. If you have no money, you could still bail your friend out of jail by working with a bail bondsman.

How Bail Works

When a person is arrested, the court will typically set a bail amount for the person. If someone pays this for him or her, the jail will release the person. If no one pays it, this person will remain in jail until the bond hearing, which takes place in a local courtroom. The judge will determine at that time whether to release the person from jail or make him or her return.

If your friend is relying on you to get him or he out of jail, you can do so at any time by paying the bail money due. This is the easiest way to get the person out of jail, but it requires having money.

How Bail Bondsmen Work

It's not unusual for courts to set high bail amounts, such as $10,000. Unfortunately, though, most people do not have enough cash on hand to pay this much money for the bail. In these situations, people hire a bail bondsman for help.

Hiring a bail bondsman offers a more affordable way to get the person out of jail. In most cases, it costs 10% of the bond amount to hire a bail bondsman. In this example, it would cost $1,000. Once you pay this and sign the paperwork, the bail bondsman will present you with a bond that will get your friend released from jail.

Options If You Don't Have Any Money

If you do not have $1,000 to pay the bail bondsman, he or she might agree to handle the bond if you supply collateral. You will need to talk to him or her about the types of collateral acceptable. In most cases, bail bondsmen accept jewelry, homes, and cars as collateral.

If you offer collateral, you should realize that you will only get it back if your friend appears at every court date required for the crime in question. If not, you will have to repay the bail bondsman for the $1,000 before you can get your items back.

Hiring a bail bondsman is the best way to get someone out of jail if you have little or no money. To learn more, contact a bail bonds company, like All Star Bail Bonds, today. 


29 June 2017