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After I entered the job force at 18, I had money problems for quite a number of years. I earned a decent income, but I lived paycheck to paycheck and just felt like I would never get ahead financially. One day, determined to get ahead, I decided to record every purchase I made for a month to find out just where my money was going. I learned a hard lesson that day that small purchases here and there throughout the month really add up. I committed to a much smaller budget and began stashing savings away. Then, I researched the world of investing and made a few strategic ones with some of my savings. I am now doing much better financially, and I want to help others who need it, so I am starting a blog. Come back often for money management tips and tricks explained simply!

Finding Dealers Who Buy Silver

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Raising money by sorting through items the family already has access can help with tight finances. Hidden items around the home can be sold to raise money quickly. Selling items can be done before seeking out loans or using high-interest credit cards. Here are a few ways to raise money with a professional who will buy silver. 

Look through attics and cabinets for forgotten kitchen items that are not used often. Holiday serving platters, silverware, larger serving wear, and bowls may be made of silver. Use a magnifying glass or take a picture with a smart phone of any inscription. The writing may read sterling silver or 925 to identify the metal. When in doubt about the type of metal something is made of, set it aside for professional review. The silver buyer will be able to see if the contents are silver or another metal.

Look through garages when personal items have been stored. Looking through paperwork, bins, and boxes may reveal gold or silver items. If the family has paid storage units, spent time going through its contents. Look through the pockets of any clothing that is being stored. Coats or jackets that at one time were worn frequently often have money or other items in the pockets. Look for brooches that may be made of gold or silver on hats, coats, blazers, and sweaters.

Letter openers, jewelry, watches, key chains, and lighters may be made of either silver or gold. These items do not have to be functional to be sold. Pairs of earrings can be missing one, and watches do not have to be operational. Silver buyers may be available both locally and online. Reach out to the silver buyer to obtain a quote for them purchasing the items. The silver buyer may provide a shipping label with a tracking number, so they can physically review the items.

The silver buyer will reach out by email, text, or phone to discuss their offer. If the offer to buy silver is accepted, they will send the payment as agreed. If the offer is declined, the owner of the gold or silver items can have the pieces mailed back.

Silver buyers will make an offer and remit payment. Take action and reach out to a silver buyer with any questions prior to sending items for review. Use these tips when raising money by selling gold or silver household items. 


18 December 2020