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Licensed Bail Bonds: How To Choose A Good Bail Bonds Agency

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When a loved one goes to jail, it can be a dramatic experience for both the defendant, the family, and friends. As a result, getting the arrested individual out of jail becomes an urgent task. However, in most cases, raising the full bail amount can be a tall order, especially on short notice. Hence, the only alternative is to use a licensed bail bond agent to cover the bail amount.

However, using any bail bondsman you come across is ill-advised. Hence, it is essential to conduct some considerations before selecting one. Here are five tips on how to find a reliable bail bond agent.

1. Get Recommendations from Your Lawyer

If you don't know any reliable licensed bail bondsmen, you should ask your lawyer to recommend a reliable one. As a result of dealing with many arrestees, lawyers often deal with various bail bond agents on behalf of their clients. Hence, they can recommend the licensed bail bondsmen they have worked with in the past who are reliable.

2. Make Use of Online Reviews

There are several online platforms where consumers review various businesses they have dealt with in the past. When looking for a reliable bail bondsman, these sites can provide numerous reviews of different bail bond agents in your area to help you find a good one. Key points to look for in the reviews include how quickly a bondsman posts bail, their rates, and the collateral they ask for in exchange for posting bail.

3. Flexibility in Payment Terms

Though the amount charged on a bail bond is not negotiable, it is still possible to negotiate payment terms. In most cases, licensed bail bond agencies ask for collateral as insurance if the arrested person decides to flee. However, some bail bond agencies accept payment via credit cards, or they are willing to negotiate a flexible payment plan. Additionally, if they agree to allow you to arrange a flexible payment plan, it would be great if there are no additional charges attached.

4. Make Sure It Is a Licensed Agency

Like any other business, a reliable bail bond agency should have a license to operate. The state's Department of Insurance issues the permits, and thus it is easy to confirm whether or not the bail bond agency you choose has a valid license to operate.

5. Quick Posting of Bail

The point of using a bail bondsman is to get the arrested individual out of jail as quickly as possible. Hence, when looking for a reliable bail bonds agency, it is advisable to ask how soon bail will get posted. The sooner an agency is willing to post the bail, the better.

For more information, contact a licensed bail bond agency in your area.


9 April 2021