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Collateral Accepted By Bail Bond Services

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When you are arrested and consult a 24/7 bail bondsman to help you post bail, they will usually ask you for collateral. This collateral is used to settle your bail if you fail to attend your court hearing or violate the terms of the bail bond contract. Here are some forms of collateral accepted by 24/7 bail bonds services.

Brokerage Account

If you have personal investment accounts consisting of bonds, stock, and other investments, the bail bond service may accept them as collateral. Since you don't want to liquidate these assets, your bank could give the bail bonds service an Irrevocable Letter of Credit (ILOC) with your personal investment account as collateral.

There are financial institutions that allow lending based on securities. This is where a loan is taken on the securities that are used for collateral. You should consult with your financial institution to determine the available options. Each institution has programs and rules that they use when issuing out loans and ILOCs.

Real Estate

Many bail bond agencies accept property as collateral. This means you can use your land or house as collateral. You will have to file a deed of trust with the county courthouse declaring that the bail bondsman has control over your real estate. 

A lien will be placed on your real estate until the termination of the bail. However, real estate can only serve as collateral if you are the primary owner. Moreover, property that has to be demolished or that is damaged cannot serve as collateral.


A 24/7 bail bondsman may also accept valuables as collateral. Yachts, RVs, and cars can be used as collateral. Like with real estate, you should prove you are the owner of the valuable item.

Other valuables that the bail bondsman can accept include jewelry, antiques, and electronics. The bail bond company may have to appraise your items. You should agree with the agent on the appraisal value.

Credit Cards

When using a credit card as collateral, a hold is placed on the card. This hold is similar to the one that hotels use for a reservation. The hold can remain for months and doesn't feature in the card holder's monthly statements.

This form of collateral is used for small cash bail amounts. The bail bond dealer will use credit card authorization forms to run the credit card for the bail amount if you fail to appear in court or violate the terms of the bail bond contract.

A bail bond agent can be the best option you have if you are stuck in jail without enough money to post bail. When choosing 24/7 bail bonds, your decision shouldn't be informed by their location and charges alone; you should consider the types of collateral they accept.


11 November 2021