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What Everyone Should Know About Bail Bond Services

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When someone is blessed with a family who avoids criminal activity, there is a lower chance of needing the services of a bail bond company. However, all it takes is for a loved one to forget about paying for a ticket for them to get arrested when it is least expected. Due to the possibility of getting into such a situation, it is always wise to know about the services that a bail bond agent can provide. The last thing that someone who does not live a life of crime wants to do is spend time behind bars. Getting released from jail as quickly as possible is ideal, and a bail bond agent can assist with this. 

Are the Services of a Bail Bond Agent Required?

When someone has been arrested, it is not mandatory to obtain the services of a bail bond agent to get out of jail. An arrestee can pay their own bail amount that was set by a judge if they have the means to do so. The services of a bail bond agent simply make it easier for an arrestee to come up with the bail amount that they need. The assistance of a bail bond agent is like getting a fast loan that the loved ones of an arrestee might not be able to lend. An arrestee can also take the route of getting released on their own recognizance if the judge agrees to it.

Who Can Contact a Bail Bond Agent After an Arrest?

An arrestee can contact a bail bond agent on their own while locked up in jail. However, phone time is limited for arrestees, which can make things complicated. Fortunately, an arrestee can contact a relative to ask for assistance with contacting a bail bond agent. As long as the relative has access to the required information, they can get the process started. The information that the agent will need includes where an arrestee is locked up, their legal name, and the booking number.

Does Getting Bailed Out Mean the Case Is Over?

Getting released from jail after a bail bond agent has paid the money does not mean that the case is over for an arrestee. Paying the bail amount simply means that an arrestee is being released so they can complete the remainder of the case from outside of jail. There is no guarantee that a judgment will not be entered for the released arrestee to go back to jail when a final judgment is made in court.

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9 May 2023